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Board of Directors 

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Bill Bailey



Bill started working at the ski hill in highschool when it was run by the Rec Dept. Later, with three kids snowboarding, he and his wife Dawn ran the base station every Sunday for 5 years. Bill's experience with heavy machinery, made him a natural fit for maintenance and grooming, and he eventually joined the board. Even though his kids are grown, he enjoys volunteering for everyone else’s children. "Seeing the look on the kids' faces reminds me of when my children were young. I hope to be helping keep it going for many many more years."


Hannah Neff Treasurer



I began with the Brattleboro Ski Hill as a freshman in high school and a student board member for LMPSS. I have previously served as the Secretary in 2017, and President in 2018/2020. I have been local to the Brattleboro region all of my life and love winter sports. I believe in this program because of the safe winter sports opportunities it provides the youth of our area all winter long.


Hannah started volunteering to stay warm during her son's ski lessons, but quickly found out how much fun it was to make hot chocolate, and run the lift. Being involved with the ski hill has been her antidote for getting through the winter. There's nothing better than seeing familiar, happy faces in the lift line. 

Hi I'm Amy! I have lived and worked here in Brattleboro for the past 14 years and I am so grateful to call this community my home. Both my boys have grown up here and naturally first learned to ski and snowboard at 'the hill'. Its been a gift to watch them connect with friends and participate in the something fun during winter months. I do not come from a family of skiers but have enjoyed cheering them on (not too loudly) from the bottom of the hill and I can only hope their love of the sport will only deepen. 

I mostly have loader duties because I get to interface with the customer, especially the kids. This is the hill where my kids learned to ski 16 yrs ago, one of my daughters earned 1st place in slalom for winter carnival in the 1st grade.

My name is Kaylyn Bailey, I am the Ski Hill’s photographer. I started snowboarding at a young age at the Brattleboro Ski Hill and enjoyed every moment of it. It gave my parents an opportunity to get involved in the community. As I grew up I was give the chance to give back and continue to help this small treasure thrive.

I am a student at UMass Amherst and an avid skier. I split my time between college, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, and the National Guard. I help manage and recruit volunteers and can be found volunteering my time as a ski patroller on the hill. I love the ski hill because it is an accessible hill to all and a great way for beginners to learn in an affordable manner. 

I grew up in central New York, not far from a small family ski area that sadly no longer exists. I started on skis at 3 and like many teenagers in the 90’s transitioned to a snowboard… skiing and snowboarding have been part of my life for 35+ years. After moving back to my wife’s hometown of Brattleboro in 2018 I was fascinated by the small but vibrant community that was built around the Brattleboro Ski Hill. I became involved with the board in 2021 as a way to give back and ensure that my young kids have a safe, fun and affordable place to ski locally. I live in Chesterfield and I’m a Certified Financial Planner in Brattelboro.

Kaylyn Bailey


Jill McColgan

My name is Jill McColgan and I have been a member of the board since 2021. The Brattleboro Ski Hill is one of my family’s favorite places to be. We can show up on any day and be surrounded by friends! I am the winter sports coordinator for the ski hill.   I work collaboratively with Mount Snow to provide weekly lesson opportunities to children ages 7-14. My role is to organize the roster list and act as a communication liaison between Mount Snow and families in our community. In addition, I work together with local schools to facilitate their winter sports programs using Brattleboro Ski Hill for students to ski and snowboard during school hours.


Peggy Frehsee

Peggy is the new/newest member of our board. She grew up doing outdoor winter skating and sledding, started downhill skiing in high school. Began to improve so she could keep up with her two sons over the years. Now does X-C and snowshoeing and a bit of downhill. She is glad to participate with her fellow dynamic board members to keep the park skiing open for the community and affordable to all.


Ray Blow

Ray has served on the Board of Directors since the organization was founded in 1997. He grew up right across the street from the ski hill and has fond memories from his childhood at Living Memorial Park. He has previously served as the Board's President, Vice President, and currently works on a team directing our wonderful volunteers. Ray keeps his hands dipped in many other facets of the hill, including but not limited to: snowmaking, ski lessons, loading the lift, working the base station, as well as serving on the maintenance committee helping to keep the place alive even in the summer. Ray enjoys staying active all year round, especially with skiing in the winter and kayaking in the warmer weather. If you have come to the hill before, chances are good you know Ray!

Steve Morlock

Wolfgang Morlock


Clara Morlock

I am a Social Media Coordinator for the hill and I am a ski (snowboard) patroller in the winters! I am a student at the University of Vermont with a major in psychology and a minor in American Sign Language. I am also currently working on my yoga teaching training! I love what the hill means for the community and I love getting to meet new people and see familiar faces everyday.

Christopher Stoner

Amy Ripley

Zach Rounds
Vice President

Ethan Gray

Greg Allen

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