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The Brattleboro Ski Hill takes a community effort to run.  Come have some fun, hang out with some great folks, and support this long-standing tradition of winter adventure! No skiing or snowboarding experience is necessary. 

Volunteers can:

  • earn lift tickets. 2 hours of volunteering = 1 lift ticket

  • earn community service hours for highschool graduation

  • use hours toward Brattleboro Food Co-op shareholder discount. *limit 8 hours/year

  • Ski free on the day you volunteer

Base Station Operator: In a heated space, the base station is responsible for greeting customers and answering questions, issuing lift tickets, starting and restarting the lift, making announcements over the PA system, communicating with the other volunteers by phone and walkie talkie, and closing down at the end of the day.

Lift Loader: Loading passengers on to the lift. Helping passengers learn how to ride the lift, managing the lift line, and be the face of the Ski Hill. Community service volunteers love to load the lift, but anyone high school age can do the job. Wear sturdy footwear, gloves, and a bottle of water if you tend to get thirsty.

Castle Operator: The "Castle" is located at the summit of our slopes, in a heated indoor building with a view of the entire hill. With easy access from a nearby neighborhood, this position ensures people disembark the lift safely and that the T-bar retracts appropriately. This volunteer may make announcements over the PA system, communicate with volunteers by phone and walkie talkie, and completes opening and closing duties. A quiet spot to volunteer and relax.

Snowmaker: (From 2 to 10 or more needed at times) Everything from running hose line from hydrants to setting up the snow guns, turning on valves, changing filters, communicating via walkie talkie with pump operators, checking snow gun output, watching for safety, re-aiming the direction due to wind change, and taking all the equipment down when finished.

Ski Patroller: Be on the front line to help someone if they are injured. We require basic CPR/AED certification, as well as Basic First Aid course under your belt to begin training as a Ski Patrol Candidate.

For more information, or interested in volunteering, please email us at





Scheduling Shifts:


Go to to view available shifts. Download the Sling App on your phone, or use this link.

Important Documents

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